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Jet Skiing on Lake Havasu: From Topock Gorge To Pirate’s Cove

Jet Skiing on Lake Havasu: From Topock Gorge To Pirate’s Cove

Topock Gorge Narrows 3A few weeks ago Havasu City Guide was lucky enough to score some sweet jet ski’s from Whett Rods Jet Ski and Boat Rentals. We took the whole family from Lake Havasu’s Thompson Bay up through the world famous Bridge Water Chanel under the London Bridge to Lake Havasu’s National Wildlife Refuge past Crystal Cliffs then up into the beautiful red rock Topock Gorge and finally had lunch at the new Pirate Cove.

The trip took a total of about 7 hours round trip just taking our time and making many stops on the beautiful shores of Lake Havasu and the Colorado River. Once you get to the Wildlife Refuge you are are now what is considered the Colorado River and have left Lake Havasu. The Wildlife Refuge is absolutely beautiful with reeds, tons of incredible birds and other animals such as beavers. This is definitely a bird watchers paradise!

After the refuge you begin your trip into the southern part of the Topock Gorge. At the very south end of the gorge is the infamous “Sandbar” which is famous for wild parties and hundred of boats linked together. Thankfully we were there on a Wednesday so it was very peaceful and only a few boats and jet skiers in site. We stopped to take some picture, panorama and video that turned out great!

Spending about 30 minutes swimming and digging in the sand we moved north to get into the core of the gorge and the aw inspiring red rocks Topock Gorge Lake Havasu Colorado Riverof the Topock Gorge. The Topock Gorge is often over looked or not even noticed by visitors to Lake Havasu. Granted with out a jet ski or boat it is impossible to get to. So that being said, rent a boat or jet ski by all means! The gorge is extremely slow moving water with some of the coolest and most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Between the red rocks the clean and pristine water it is ours (as locals) by far the best part of Lake Havasu. Also if you are an angler there is some great fishing holes for plenty of fishing action! Oh yeah and don’t for get the ancient pictographs.

We were getting hungry so we decided to head north to grab a bite to eat at the new Pirates Cove about 10 miles north of the gorge. The Pirate Cove is one cool spot. It features a beautiful restaurant with a patio and bar, plenty of boat parking, cabins for rent, great beaches and 3 huge zip lines! This is a great place for the entire family. The parents love it and the kids love it even more because of the pirate decor that makes you feel like captain hook is lurking around the corner. Food was great and reasonably priced and the servers were also very friendly!

Pirates Cove Zip LineThe day was getting late so we decided to turn back and head towards Lake Havasu. On the way back we got some more killer pictures and stopped one last time in the narrows of the gorge and jumped in for a swim. At the point the kids were tired and actually fell asleep on the jet ski’s going about 40 miles per hour!

All in all it was an absolutely fantastic day. The jet ski’s were fun and ran excellent. The kids loved every minute and the parents had a great memory that we will keep forever.

Make sure to check out the pictures, panoramas and video below of the Topock Gorge.

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Panorama Jet Ski Lake Havasu London Bridge ArizonaPanorama London Bridge Lake Havasu Arizona 1Panorama Lake Havasu ArizonaPanorama The Sandbar Lake Havasu 2Panorama The Sandbar Lake Havasu 1Panorama Topock Gorge Lake Havasu Colorado River 5Panorama Topock Gorge 45Panorama Topock Gorge fgfPanorama Topock Gorge tytPanorama Topock Gorge hPanorama Topock gorge TPanorama colorado river topock gorge 1Panorama Heading south on the colorado river topock gorgePirates Cove Panorama From a DistanceAnother Pirates Cove PanoramaPirates Cove Panorama 2Pirates Cove Patio Bar PanoramaPirates_Cove_Panorama_1Colorado_River_Panorama_1

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