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Rotary Park Lake Havasu

Rotary Park Lake Havasu

Rotary Park Sidewalk Lake HavasuRotary Park is a gem of a park in Lake Havasu with beautiful grass, play grounds, beaches and much more.

If you visiting Lake Havasu or just moving to town Rotary Park is definitely worth a visit. had a chance this last weekend to go to Rotary Park and get some great video, pictures and panoramas of Lake Havasu’s best park. Located in the heart of Lake Havasu and over 40 acres of space to roam Rotary Park is by far the biggest in Mohave County. If your looking for great way to spend an afternoon Rotary Park has plenty to do. BBQ’s and picnic tables right on the sandy beach looking over beautiful Thompson Bay in Lake Havasu. There is no better place on the lake to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and the lake’s wild life that is every where the eye can see. Perfect if you want to relax, play some volley ball or go for a swim in Lake Havasu’s warm waters.

Rotary Park Big Play Ground

Rotary park is perfect for family and provides fun stuff for kids to do.

If your a family with kids then you will not want to pass up the three playgrounds Rotary Park has to offer. One that is for bigger kids ages 5 to 12 and two other that for children under 5 years old. All parks are very safe and have either rubber or wood chips on the ground so falling is no big deal. For the teenagers there is a skate park and bmx bikers are also welcome. There is also and RC track that is fun for the kid and adults as well.

If you want the best walk or jog in Lake Havasu be sure to start at the end of the South of Rotary Park down by the skate park and walk all the way through the world famous Bridgewater channel to the beautiful London Bridge. When you get to the London Bridge be sure to check out the charming shops of the English Village.

Below are some great pictures, panoramas, video and a photosynth to give you a good idea on what the park and surrounding areas look like before you arrive.

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These are really cool! Click below and zoom in and out of this panorama called a Photosynth!


Soccer and baseball fields lake havasu panorama

Rotary Park Lake Havasu Big Play Ground Panorama

New play ground rotary park lake havasu panorama

new play ground rotary park panorama 2

Rotary Park Lake Havasu Beach Panorama

Rotary Park Lake Havasu Beach Panorama 2

Skate Park Rotary Park Lake Havasu 2

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